Thursday, December 14, 2017

Custom Voice Events Setup on Spektrum radios

Spektrum radios, as many today's radios, have voice alerts which you can customise by your needs.

Switch based events

First type of voice events or alerts are switch based. It means that by changing position on any switch or even control sticks, you can have voice alert or event. That, for example, can be your Gear switch telling you about status of the gears or some other switch telling you in what flight mode you are, etc. It is very simple setup process that can be done in couple of minutes.

Time based events

Time based events are limited to telemetry data, so you need to have telemetry receiver and some sensors to create time based voice events. That can be very helpful, you can assign certain telemetry data to switch, and some other telemetry data to time based reports. Time based reports can be set up from 5 seconds up to 60 seconds. What that means ? It means that if you set your altitude data to 20 seconds, radio will alert you every 20 seconds with that data.

You can combine multiple time based voice events with switch based voice events.

Here is short video where you can see (and hear) all those types of custom voice events:

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