Wednesday, June 21, 2017

FT Racer Ripslinger

When I first saw video on FliteTest about building this airplane and that it doesn't have any "hard" wing spar e.g. carbon rod or wooden spar, I was a little skeptic.

Then, friend of mine made one, and when I saw how it flies, I was suprised .

The other thing that amazed me is using a hot glue. I never used hot glue before for building depron airplanes, I used mostly UhuPor and 5 minute epoxy.

So I have decided to make one and give it a try.

After printing PDF plans and transfering parts to depron board I realized that this one will be finished very quickly.

As I saw on FliteTest page that there are couple of variations for canopy, I have decided to make Ripslinger version.

You can't find cardboard in my county, so those parts are just plain paper with printed colour on InkJet printer and then covered with transparent self adhesive film.

Rest of the model is not painted, but covered with covering film (like balsa airplanes). That was my idea to use covering film on depron, and it showed to be good choice, it gives more stiffness to the wings and the fuselage.

Final product looks like this:

I can recommend this design to any RC pilot, beginner or experienced, it is excellent design and awesome flyer.It is quite stable on windy days, and can perform aerobatic maneuvers as well as it can be perfect trainer.

I am using 3S 2200 mAh Battery which gives me around 8-10 minutes of flight.

►Build log and plans can be found on FliteTest web page:

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