Thursday, May 11, 2017

Scratch build RC airplane tutorial - Part 1

Scratch build RC airplane tutorial - Part 1

First, you have to decide which airplane you will build.
There are a lot of plans available on but since this is beginners guide, I have decided to build most simple plane, F-16 from Tomhe.
Plans can be downloaded from this LINK.

Plan is in PDF format, my suggestion is that you download full version, not tiled one, tiling will be made through Adobe reader during printin.
All you have to do is select "Print", select your printer, click on "Poster" and check "Cut marks".

When printed, prepare a hobby knife, metal ruler and some tape. You have to cut all printed papers where marked with Cut marks, and after that, connect all tiled papers into one big template.

It is now time to cut all the parts out of template. this takes some time, be patient and cut everything precisely.

When you cut all the parts, it is time to transfer them to depron boars.
For this airplane, you will need 2 sheets of depron or similar materilal, 6 mm thick and they usually come in size of 1000 mm x 500 mm.

You will notice that wing part is too big for one sheet of depron. So just cut it in half that it fits the size of depron, use some tape to fix template to depron, and pencil to draw around template.
Later, you will glue those 2 parts together.

This takes some time, mind that your knife should be always sharp, otherwise this foam board will be hard to precisely cut.

And finally, when you cut all the pieces, you can test fit everything, just to check that you don't miss something.

I have recorded all steps in this video, next video and blog post are coming soon.
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  1. Which paper size were the plans printed in?

    1. Hi, in this video it is A3 size, but you can use A4 as well just follow procedure I have described with Acrobat reader. Whole plan is A0 size.

  2. thank you very much, i like your article
    it can help me
    Rc airplane

  3. Interesting ideas, maybe I can try, but I don't know how big the size of the drawing is.

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  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. hey loved your build video, great work, have you worked with XPS foam before?, i also build design rc gliders, please do check out my channel as well..
    rc glider videos
    rc glider
    cheers from LA

    1. Hi, yes I have, but XPS is too heavy. Depron boards are my favorite. Thanks, I will check your channel too.


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